Welcome to Schwager Law Firm! Since we like to start out with a bang as any “bomb thrower” or kamikaze lawyer would do, please watch the video of David Cunningham and let’s get him out immediately from being held hostage like a criminal by J Alan Kohr. Let’s put Kohr behind bars. Pensacola, Florida. Below is my friend Barbara Latham and the late Muriel Mintz, deceased, whose loss was particularly difficult on her daughters and even me–I stayed up 3 days writing an injunction to save her life and learned she had died Christmas Eve after filing it in federal court.

Thank God, the Judge has given us until February 20th 2018 to amend and conduct discovery on this ADA/1983 deprivation of rights resulting in wrongful death of Muriel. I believe like Sherry Johnston, who lost Willie Jo Mills, deceased, in 2014 courtesy of Harris County Guardianship, that we will make history! Guardianship kills, steals and destroys. It does not protect anyone but the culprits. It’s a racket of epic proportions occurring right under your nose so get involved and don’t vote GOP.  I am running as a candidate for the American Party and appreciate your support! We must be the change we want to see in the World!





Free David from Schwager on Vimeo.

I dedicate this to Willie Jo Mills, deceased. May we never forget the torture Harris County Guardianship inflicted upon her as they starved her to death in guardianship. Proof that guardianship doesn’t protect anyone but the thieves and murderers.

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