El Paso – Vote Patricia Chew Court 1

Patricia Chew is the incumbent Probate Judge of El Paso Court No. 1 being challenged by Darron Powell, who’s qualifications are ????? Powell truly  bears no resemblance to Judge Chew, nor does he resemble any democrat I’ve ever met. Call me cynical but based upon my experience in Texas Statutory Probate Courts, whether in Denton, Harris County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, acrRoss estate, is my impression that most of our probate judges are Republican. El Paso is definitely democratic but I was shocked to see Powell on the Democratic ticket. Typically your values match ticket which is why I have […]

Stealth Euthanasia ~ Tell Tale signs. Don’t deceive yourself on the dignity thing

Advertising and marketing con artists have really sunk to an all time low in trying to sell us this BS idea that Euthanasia, where the Dr. helps to murder you –is cloaked in dignity. If you believe that, no amount of reason will change it, but consider this experience of Mary because I have been through it with clients 3 times and every time the guardians say “swallowing problem” “aspiration pneumonia” and then they starve your loved one to death and it’s awful. From Mary: I watched an old woman die of hunger and thirst. She had Alzheimer’s, this old […]

Dig a pit for someone else and fall into it!!!!

He who digs a pit will find his own grave there January 28, 2018 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization Many times we’ve stared aghast at the astonishing fees accumulated by lawyers in child custody cases. Just two weeks ago I reported on an Australian judge who excoriated lawyers for making custody and parenting time cases an excuse to protract litigation and increase fees beyond anything remotely necessary.  He cited one case that saw a litigant pay $860,000 Australian. The reason lawyers can get away with such outrageous behavior is that child custody cases […]

Pigs officially flying…. I wasn’t bluffing after all…

There are time in life when we feel powerless to change anything a if the powers that be are just too big! And Then suddenly, you look up into the sky and see that pigs actually fly and miracles do happen!!!!!  Don’t stop believing because we are finite but God is not!!! Last session 8 brave witnesses stayed up until 1am in the Texas Senate and caught them red handed and then it appeared that all was lost until we just chose to walk in faith with a bit of bluffing and a bit of muscle behind it and now, […]

The Deadman’s Rule

Courtesy of Judge Bonnie Sudderth; It is said that dead men tell no tales. But in Texas, sometimes they do. It all depends on whether the Dead Man’s Rule applies. Although reference to the Dead Man’s Statute is still fairly common in legal practice, the former Article 3716 Dead Man’s Statute, which was enacted in the 1870’s was actually repealed by the Texas Legislature in the early 1980’s. The current law is found in Texas Rules of Evidence 601(b), and is now called the Dead Man’s Rule: “Dead Man Rule” in Civil Actions: In civil actions by or against executors, administrators, […]