Cookie Cutter Conspiracies in Guardianship and Probate: Racketeering

The word Conspiracy in the lying lips of one of the probate reprobates immediately brings accusations of “conspiracy theorists” and bizarre allegations when I promise you, after watching 5 people die in a row, we are dealing with organized crime in guardianship and estates. The attorneys are psychopaths, thieves and place no value on your loved ones lives.  

  1. DEFENDANTS issue a collective “gasp” at the idea that they could conspire to take MURIELMINTZ, or any of the many victims shuffled through the Hell of probate court. Schemes and artifices that violate federal law with kidnapping, embezzlement, extortion,, even murder rationalized as the elderly developing a swallowing problem or complications of Alzheimers or dementia. These lawyers are like toxic tort lawyers and use the same cookie cutters in every case so it didn’t take long to put the whole scheme of racketeering together. They aren’t very smart. You win by being strategic, determined to outwit, outplay and outlast, and smarter and more educated then they expect you to be–and by MAKING A RECORD. Also search the internet for papers these thugs write and use it against them to show they know better. For example, Ostrom Morris website included in a CLE written with this Judge, “Prejudment processes and procedures to level the playingfield:Tricks,Traps,and Opportunities froma Litigator and Judicial Persepective”; 40th Annual Advanced Estate Planning & Probate (2016); by Keith Morris and Judge Mike Wood. (stating “[w]hile the pre-judgment procedures are ordinarily designed to protect assets and provide resolve for clients, they can also be used as a strategic advantage to exhaust the opposing party and win favor with the Judge adjudicating the dispute.”)(emphasisadded).
  2. The attorneys launch ad hominem attacks on PLAINTIFFS for the mere suggestion of impropriety, aware of obvious “cookie cutter” schemes DEFENDANTS repeatedly engage in that target the disabled and elderly for unwanted, unnecessary guardianships, unlawful asset seizures and trust busting, in order to double dip from the disabled / elderly person’s estate in two proceedings, maximizing profit while giving lip service to the idea that guardianship“protects”The entire purpose for creating trusts is to avoid probate, but now they make you a tasty victim. Yet, probate lawyers seeking to exploit the unsuspecting now routinely engage in “trust busting” to destroy trusts in favor of Court Management Trusts, which end at death, with the assets pouring into probate to provide yet another opportunity to exploit and loot the trust. Now, Trusts not only fail to avoid probate, but almost ensure you will suffer death on hospice akin to murder and theft of your assets so your heirs get nothing. 
  3. DEFENDANTS are hard-pressed to explain with any legitimacy their involvement in schemes to profit from systematic deprivations of liberty and property of the elderly and disabled under the auspice of protection in guardianship, where statistic reveal the complete lack of protection Nationwide,withmostwardslivinganaverageof3yearsinguardianshipdue to the abuse, neglect and
  1. Just when you thought things were as bad as bad could be, the second piece of the puzzle emerges to pick up where guardianship ends—hospice. another victim thrust into hospice with a 72 hour death cocktail, threats, bans on visits for family, intimidation, sanctions, contempt and bullying to ensure you don’t get in the way.
  2. Muriel Mintz was put to death on Christmas Eve by the void temporary guardian / kidnapper and reprobtate son of Muriel who couldn’t wait to get his hands on her money. He put her to death with the guardian based on his assessment of her life and its “poor quality,” while MURIEL MINTZ screamed toget out of Hospice, begged visitors to take her with them, for food and water, and made her objections to hospice known by refusing to sign consent forms. The guardian and son colluded to override MURIEL’S unamibuous rejection of hospice by criminally violating Senate Bill 11 in having a “Do Not Resusitate” Order created which contradicted her prior stated wishes,and presenting the forms to MURIEL when she was allegedly in an “altered mentalstatus”—they caused with a boatload of dangerous psychotropic drugs that kill.
  3. MURIEL was seen walking the Hallway, trying to pull out her I.V. while asking to leave, motivating  DEFENDANTS to chemically restrain her with Haldol (knowing she was allergic) and Risperdal, both of which are potentially fatal FDA black box warning psychotropic drugs notto be used in elderly dementiaor heart patients. DEFENDANTS are brazen to deny conspiracy when seemingly every communication and/or action taken was clearly “together” as a group and each DEFENDANT wholly failed to abide by their mandatory duties under the Texas Estates Code and/or as fiduciaries, but acted in express derogation of those
  4. In the context of guardianship / hospice, “conspiracy theories” are hardly necessary. The billions of dollars these two industries earn per year and the involuntary redistribution of assets to the mob. This has created a nightmare that won’t end for those targeted for the mob’s “protection” and they will receive quite the opposite and end up needing hospice and“palliative care”to have no rights will be “terminally sedated” against their will, dying prematurely with no due process or evidence or day in Court to confront their accusers before they are tried, convicted and sentenced to death for nothing more than growing old or being disabled.
  5. Muriel Mintz’suffered this unimaginable fate,despite theTexas law prohibition on euthanasia or mercy killing. Health.SafetyCode.155.042. Euthanasia is not legal in the United States, but the lines are being blurred between “withholding life sustaining support” and “hastening death” to the point where Doctors and Hospice providers— are getting away with murder.
  6. The death can be prolonged starvation or quick through overdose in 72 death cocktails of drugs known to stop the heart in elderly patients with even slight dementia. Elderly individuals should never be given psychotropic drugs unless they have a mental illness predating dementia diagnosis. They are drugged to a stupor, while denying food/water, claiming Muriel Mintz had a swallowing problem which Defendants knew was induced by the Morphine (and produced the result to deceive everyone into not seeing the murder before their eyes). Thank God my clients are nurses and we saw it all. 
  7. Guardianship and hospice are trillion dollar industries annually and when combined, render the disabled and elderly sitting ducks for exploitation, and egregious civil rights violations to the point of premature death for the profit they can provide to unethical doctors, lawyers, judges, hospice providers, hospitals, guardians, and other fiduciaries looking to make a
  8. Like Hospice, Guardianship began altruistically, but quickly blossomed into a multi-billion dollar per year industry. As volunteers fell by the wayside in favor of for-profit guardians, the system has become wrought with exploitation and organized crime
  9. The Texas Estates Code is criminal and was written to steal and kill. It’s the perfect t example of a “good idea” gone bad to the point of utter corruption. The entire code is based upon the premise of American citizens being mere chattel, see Tex. Est. Code 1001.001. (Guardianship shall be administered like decedent’s estates).
  10. The overarching message the 2014 Estates Code says is“how can we (lawyers) make more money?” That question is answered in almost every provision, detailing the countless court appointments that can be made, entitled to reasonable compensation from the estate of the proposed ward. A simple reading shows the code does nothing to protect and it’s not“for the proposed ward” but the criminals who have adverse interests built into the code itself virtually ensuring that the proposed ward will not be protected at all, but exploited and made a ward of the State.
  11. .The Guardianship Code actually provides an incentive for attorneys, guardians, and fiduciarie to steal and kill. Greed is the very fuel feeding the machine that devours their own civil rights. Numerous court appointees become a fortified prison from which noone escapes as their estates are consumed by the very persons appointed to protect and defend them.
  12. The ultimate guardian is the Judge, where the buck should stop. Section 1203.001 renders statutory probate judges liable for harm to a ward’s estate or person to the limit of their bond or $500,000 for gross negligence.The requirement of a bond or insurance clearly shows the Legislature’s intent to waive immunity for gross negligence or recklessness up to the bond/insured amount.
  13. .Guardianship of Muriel Mintz, was never justified nor was it motivated by any emergency. Defendants used Muriel Mintz as a means to an end to “catch two birds with one stone,” her estate and the Muriel Mintz Family Trust through knowingly false accusations of fraud on Medicaid on the part of Barbara Latham, to rescind the transfer of Muriel’s assets that Donald facilitated in creating the 2015Trust.
  14. Under Texas law, the essential elements of a civil conspiracy are: “(1) two or more persons;(2)an object to be accomplished;(3)a meeting of the mindson the object or course of action; (4) one or more unlawful, overt acts; and (5) damages as a proximate result.” Tri v. J.T.T., 162 S.W.3d 552, 556 (Tex. 2005). Civil conspiracy requires “specific intent” to agree “to accomplish an unlawful purpose
  15. The parties must be aware of the harm or wrongful conduct at the inception of the combination or agreement.” Triplex Commc’ns, Inc. v. Riley, 900 S.W.2d 716, 719 (Tex. 1995). Proof of intent to participate in the conspiracy is necessary to meet the “meeting of the minds”element. Times Herald Printing Co. v. A.H. Belo Corp., 820 S.W.2d 206, 216(Tex. App.))Houston 1991, no writ). Intent can be proven by circumstantial evidence and reasonable inference. Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp. v. Nortex Oil & Gas Corp., 435 S.W.2d 854, 858 (Tex. 1968). In determining the legal sufficiency of this evidence, we must draw all reasonable inferences and resolve all credibility determinations in favor of the verdict. Travelers Cas., 542 F.3d at 481.
  16. Moreover, financial gain can be a motive to conspire. See Times Herald Printing Co.v.A.H.Belo Corp.,820S.W.2d206, 216(Tex.App.)(holding that a claim for tortious interference with inheritance exists under Texas law).
  17. One who by fraud, duress or other tortious means intentionally prevents another from receiving from a third person an inheritance or gift that would otherwise have been received is subject to liability to the other for loss of the inheritance or Acker, 725 S.W.2d at 754 (citing RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 774B (1979)
  18. Guardianship is not protection. Do not seek it and don’t allow your family to be taken or you will never see them again.