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Patricia Chew is the incumbent Probate Judge of El Paso Court No. 1 being challenged by Darron Powell, who’s qualifications are ????? Powell truly  bears no resemblance to Judge Chew, nor does he resemble any democrat I’ve ever met. Call me cynical but based upon my experience in Texas Statutory Probate Courts, whether in Denton, Harris County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, acrRoss estate, is my impression that most of our probate judges are Republican. El Paso is definitely democratic but I was shocked to see Powell on the Democratic ticket. Typically your values match ticket which is why I have such a difficult time finding one these days! 

I was a Republican since childhood in my daddy’s footsteps but thenI realized how critical civil rights issues remain! Chew is a democrat WITH HEART! Powell ?? I have a hard time seeing it. His “record” reveals a long history of very lucrative activities in partnership with Some is put in his “status quo” category! I won’t name because their fame precedes them loud enough that you know who I’m talking about. 

The second problem in modern day elections I have been involved in seems to be inauthentic candidates running on convenient party lines for strategic reasons and “outright plants of candidates” who pretend to run and the tip off is the complete absence of campaigning,  paving the way for the 55%/44% split, at which time they give a canned eloquent speech congratulating the candidates they helped stay in office with a “wink”. One such “plant” gave the Freudian slip this term that proved it, without even me having to ask. AHA, that’s howw it’s won. Much can be learned about a person by observation of what they do instead of what they say. People need truth not ads.

I did not have the honor of meeting or appearing before the Honorable Patricia Chew, but recently learned we share a common “passion” — autism. AUTISM is huge to me and Parents of autistic adults and children have my utmost admiration for their patients and sacrifice


I began working with autistic children in public schools 10 years ago. . Autism is what brought me into probate court, so autism tells me many things about Judge Chew because it takes special people to raise autistic children or care for adult children with disabilities like autism.

Judge Chew adopted an autistic child and her platform appropriately advocates for “compassion”–something missing from most probate court. align: justify;”>War Hero Paxton died in 2012 and the fee churning attorneys churn on. To disqualify or stick 6 figures costs on my  client in some case she’s not in and try to sanction her for being in cases that she can’t get out of because ;”>My client had to leave El Paso to find an “advocate” willing to take on Powell and his buddies and by the end of it for me, Powell was a tad “out of control” as he erupted  into a fist fight with Former Judge Herb Marsh in the middle of a hearing, in judge Eduardo Gamboas court sparks flew!! 20 years have passed and that’s the first fist fight I’ve   Seen  standing before the bench. 

I thought he punched the old man but learned Powell finally understood whom represented whom in the case—an astute observation of my client—an “obscure “ town legend of El Paso I dare not mention…was drafting Mr Marsh’a Motions. We were never told why the revelation was so shocking but  that was one of the times in life when you wished you had to tape recorder or your iPhone on.perfect ad for mud slinging well under by underdog Powell!

Powell’s campaign? Integrity? In what way? Honesty?Maybe in the military  but I thought military guys always looked out for each other regardless of where and when and it just never happened! Also a fist fight however benign just isn’t judicial! Taking a swing at a former judge in the middle of a hearing at the bench isn’t exactly among the rules of etiquette.

Powell’s HOOK for voters is that he is a CHANGE FROM THE STATUS QUO. I know what the status quo has been among the lawyers he frequently associates with and unless he has gone through a spiritual awakening, that has entirely changed his life, I PREFER CHEW’S STATUS QUO, thank you very much. $2 Million Bucks retainer funneling through everything but the iolta trust was a break with status quo! Live dangerously eh Darron?? Yikes 

I am actually a bit squeamish about what a “Judge Powell” would look like because Ive seen what the ”UnJudge  Powell” does. If the best he can offer is saying “I”m not Patricia Chew”, I think that fact was lost on nobody. Certainly, a more compelling campaign slogan might be considered? Backed by TRUTH

 Everything is relative and so whether Powell is the status quo depends on the audience he seeks to differentiate himself. I would argue that he is the status quo we see across Texas in statutory probate courts in terms of abusive, dishonest lawyers who seek to use influence rather than inspiration to win a case.

 In speaking with a former probate judge who could be “family” to all involved, and clearly has a story to tell if only he’d tell it, he said I would never succeed in changing probate or guardianship because everyone involved likes the “status quo” and doesn’t want change. Maybe judge Chew will change the things that should be. I’m sure a woman will be the catalyst for change this time! Sometimes in life there is that one big window of opportunity to change the world and do something nobody else will do. You act you cut sees the day or it’s gone. And then the torch passes so remains to be seen but I kind a like the idea of knowing that there’s a judge on the bench who respects disabilities because she really understands what it’s like 

Civil rights and ADA issues are not very important to HARRIS County And my guess is it’s because they just don’t understand it well enough. So that is my mission. Make sure 4 million people county understands the ADA is a powerhouse!!!

Money is just one part of the equation, Promises! The  best predictor of what a person will do in the future is what they did in the past. If you really want to vote intelligently, do your homework. Read the record. Ask witnesses and even victims. EXAMINE CHARACTER AND MAKE IT THE DEAL BREAKER OR DEAL MAKER. 

CONGRATULATIONS JUDGE CHEW!! I look forward to meeting you as I visit various probate courts across Texas. I am not a constituent but given I am an attorney knowledgeable about probate courts across Texas and the attorneys practicing in them, I think that’s more helpful. 

My heart is and always will be with the disabled and their families, as well as the elderly.  The AUTISM connectiontells me so much about you I wouldn’t know otherwise! 

Best wishes this campaign season

Candice Schwager, Certified ADA Advocate, ADAAA, IDEA, Section 504 & State Certified Attorney Ad Litem aka Atty4kids 

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