Guardians of Death ~ Skeletons in the Closet


Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Matt 10:26; “But don’t be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.

And my favorite of all time that is so appropriate is “those who set a TRAP for another will soon fall into it!” That is a trick or a trap, right Barbara? He he he. The title of that “how to take advantage of your adversary financially” and force them over a barrel of duress article says it all. It reminds me of Erik Nichols having the genius idea to write a CLE presentation entitled “SHOW ME THE MONEY: How to get attorneys’ fees from special needs children’s parents.” Wow. There are no words to describe that level of “kick me please.” But thank you so very much for publishing your actual play book because what we usually get is the “how it should be done” book, but never is done. This book tells us how you do things, which is so much more valuable. 

Skeletons in the closet?? Oh, C’mon, we all have something. It’s funny or really not so funny how we merely assume that others’ skeletons cannot compare to our “past” only to learn that their closets are busting at the seams and it’s inevitable because every evil, wicked scheme is exposed and justice simply is. Do take a second look because this story will knock you out cold! Michele Golddigger Goldberg in the news!  Seriously. Evidence of a very dark secret that doesn’t resemble the Jewish piety she has sworn by in front of Federal Judge Vanessa Gilmore or throughout Muriel’s death, which Golddigger had a “hand” in causing. It’s not going to get prettier. In fact as I contemplated just how many skeletons Golddigger may have in her closet, I shuddered. 

I know some of their names–Muriel. I see others shortly behind. Lily. When the cabal uses a cookie cutter model to steal and kill the elderly for their trust funds  it doesn’t take long to spot the pattern, practice, and respond accordingly. Kind of like toxic tort law, where cases are handled the same cookie cutter fashion 8-5 every day in such an ingrained routine, you feel like a zombie. I used to work in asbestos litigation, like Crane Caton, so it was pretty easy to spot cut and pasted CLE’s that only changed the title and a few paragraphs, but were otherwise identical. THEN THE WHOLE COOKIE CUTTER GUARDIANSHIP THING BECAME CRYSTAL CLEAR. 

Other skeletons that continue to cry out for justice from closets nearby include Ruby Peterson and Willie Jo Mills, both of whom died in 2014 during the most intense battle of my career–I ended up fighting the mob for my own civil rights in retaliation for trying to help save the lives of two dear mothers who were not terminally ill, but died like Muriel–a push, a shove, starvation, dehydration and drugging. I am disgusted that marketing has such a profound impact on society that we cannot even spot MURDER or HOMICIDE anymore!!

WAKE UP!! If you have a DNR, you’re going down in hospice. They call it palliative care (to make you comfortable, yeah right) as they starve ,dehydrate, and drug you to death and you suffer multiple organ failure, or they stop giving you cardiac medications and your lungs fill with fluid, virtually drowning. Morphine is almost always given to hospice patients but isn’t needed, nor is Haldol, Ativan, Xanax and other anti-psychotic drugs with black box warning labels — that kill the elderly with a higher risk if they have dementia or heart problems–usually a given.

It is quite predictable that if you stop breathing, you die. Morphine stops the breathing–just increase it if you need the patient to die now. This is illegal on so many levels, but Medicare and Medicaid pay up to 90% and they hardly pay at all if you’re over 72 and need a simple anti-biotic, especially once you’re in hospice. Hospice is MARKETED as “DYING WITH DIGNITY.” SUCH BULLSHIT. How dignified would you feel to go blind as you starve to death, dying for water and begging only to have your morphine pump elevated because you just won’t die? Yes, I saw that and it was not peaceful or dignified. I think I will have nightmares and cry every time I remember the sheer Hell of what it must have been like for Willie Jo. 

I’ve had Golddigger in 2 cases. Her COOKIE CUTTER trademark is being a BULLY, but she’s full of hot air. She doesn’t think outside the box despite being the cruelest woman I’ve ever met. You definitely need a lawyer if she’s got you in her sights and you need an honest lawyer because she will pull out all of the stops and threaten you with jail illegally and seize hundreds of thousands of dollars with void orders until you show her you KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON AND TAKE HER TO FEDERAL COURT. Then, she suddenly panics and ROBOT GOLDDIGGER turns off briefly to assess the damage and try to fix what she’s done, which was too late in this case.  

She had a hard time with me saying how does she ‘HAVE THE POWER OF THE KBG” to seize assets and people with no court order. She even told the federal government and Department of Homeland Security to be certain that they didn’t suspect her as one of them. Get real. 

I wondered many times if she saw the hypocrisy in voluntarily being the warden in charge of the proverbial gas chamber used to hasten the death of a fellow Jew, and then, cast them aside for CA$H if the price was right. Why does Judge Wood call Michele when a Jewish elder is involved? And what is this woman so angry about?? She abused and tortured my clients, who were women, and their mothers. She banned them from all access to their mother throughout the past month of her catastrophic injury and death, leaving them without closure to release the grief. But how in the World would someone who has no feelings whatsoever understand that? Her conduct was extremely hateful and inhumane. 

She has ice water running through her veins and it’s unclear whether she was always that way or her son’s triple slash / murder thrill ride made her that way. My guess, she was cruel, cold, full of rage and abuse and dished it out to Dror for much of his “troubled” (per the paper) childhood and it filled him with utter, rage, contempt and hatred for women. He developed such contempt for WOMEN or a WOMAN, HE WAS CONSUMED WITH WAYS TO HURT HER, RAPE, MURDER, SLASHING SLOW AS BLOOD FLOWS. HE ALSO HAD PICTURES OF SATAN COVERED IN BLOOD, which was certainly a heavy influence for a rich, privileged, handsome kid in Bellaire to hack up three people for fun. You have to wonder why Dror Goldberg hates women so much, THAT HE WANTS TO RAPE AND MURDER THEM and the lust to do it became an obsession?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit. It doesn’t take long to discern bad fruit with this woman. Her son, young rich handsome Dror Haim Goldberg, is serving a 48 year sentence for hacking up three people in a Houston area wig shop FOR KICKS! The motive?? The Chronicle says it was likely the PURE PLEASURE OF KILLING SOMEBODY?? In a million years, I wouldn’t find that remotely fun, even if I had to shoot an intruder threatening the safety of my home. PLEASURE?? FUN?? 

Hospice has the appearance of legitimacy unless it’s used to hasten death of a person not terminal and some doctor says their life expectancy is 6 months because they are 92 and no other reason age discrimination. 

It seems clear to me that Dror Goldberg was full of RAGE, ANGER, AND HATE and wanted someone else to feel that for a change. He asked the woman he slashed 14 times if she liked it. What’s OUTRAGEOUS is that 3 years earlier, DROR GOLDBERG predicted this very crime in a blood spattered writing entitled “How to Kill a Woman.” HPD officers from Bellaire ISD actually saw this and recalled it, which should have merited death for this man, as pre-meditated. 

What happened to that eye for an eye? Tooth for a tooth? You want mercy, now?  Unrepentant people usually don’t get mercy…

The Bible Proverbs 22:6:
Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

I realized that if Golddigger had been doing this for as long as I believe she has, then she has taught her child the wrong way to go by example. Parents know that children rarely listen to our words if our actions do not match. They imitate our behavior 100 times more frequently than do what we say. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk. In other words, if you spend your days, putting innocent people on hospice who aren’t terminal, regardless of your “hand” in their death, and take home several million a year for your services, well, you are teaching your child to kill. 

If Dror has observed what I have observed, he suffered a TYRANT obsessed with CONTROL and whom uses that AUTHORITY TO ABUSE, COERCING PEOPLE INTO HANDING OVER THEIR MONEY IN FEAR OF ARREST BY THE K.G.B., GESTAPO, or HARRIS COUNTY GUARDIANSHIP PROGRAM. The whole chicken egg argument is a difficult one here but if I were to guess, .. chicken.

IT’S ABOUT CONTROL WITH THESE KIND OF FOLKS. The only possible reason they could find enjoyment in hastening the death of an innocent person is twofold: (1) lack of empathy or human emotions and (2) control and power. There is no other explanation because there’s nothing fun about that. This man was full of utter hate, rage and murder. He eagerly anticipated killing someone and was looking for a target to release his rage–be it his father’s girlfriend or the slut he was dating then.

Golddigger apparently hasn’t read his manifestos, “How to kill a woman” or “How to rape a woman”. Come to think of it, he’s pretty ballistic about women.  The media’s final question as to why someone so handsome, so intelligent (well average and on drugs, actually), with a “wonderful beautiful mother” (The woman is a viper with ice in her veins), a prestigious Dr. Dad.. raised in affluent Bellaire, Texas, with all of the money and privilege in the World–would murder someone in cold blood and almost murder a second victim for kicks?

Therein lies your answer. The “kid” had everything, but POWER to change the circumstances of his childhood or remove himself from dysfunction.  He clearly had a target in mind and it likely was not random. HE HATED WOMEN WITH A PASSION. Called his girlfriend a slut. He had no respect for women. He utterly hated them. Who do you suppose made him feel that way? It’s impossible to know, but if she was anything like she is now, I could likely answer the question.

A second client said this weekend her family members remarked how “awful, completely abusive and terrible” Golddigger was. An attorney on the inside even concurred in her maltreatment. The woman is a robot! 

To be clear, it’s an awful case. I pray for everyone involved.  And how dare her take human lives so lightly?

I am also reminded that you can recognize a tree by its fruit. A good tree doesn’t produce bad fruit and vice versa. I see bad fruit for what it’s worth. What a terrible loss of three lives.</Young. Rich. Handsome. And deadly. - Houston Chronicle


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