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Above are my friends, Barbara Latham and the late Muriel Mintz, who we lost too soon even though she was almost 93. I think it was the timing and the way it all occurred that made it so unbearable for Estelle and Barbara, her daughters, and even me–as I had the brief pleasure of greeting her several times, and she always grabbed my hand and held it, making me smile. I did not know Muriel except for three brief interludes when she held my hand like an angel and it left an indelible mark on my heart. 

I was racing as fast as I could go – typing– trying to get a complaint filed in federal court that would be treated seriously and not scoffed at, something difficult to do for almost anyone. I had three days 72 hours straight of typing and typos and finally filed the lawsuit and emergency application for temporary restraining order and temporary injunction and then BAM!! I got the email. Muriel died. She had apparently passed away the day before, but not from natural causes and with all of the lies and concealment of information in this matter, banning my RN clients from access to records, their mother, Dr’s, medical professionals, or information on her care, we knew something was badly wrong. We are still investigating, as are the authorities.


We will keep you posted. The official cause of death was blunt force trauma to the thoracic vertebrae, compressing the spine with a fracture. We were told this happened at Bellaire Gardens because Goldberg left her without inadequate supervision knowing she needed 24 hour care, but this remains to be confirmed. The guardian, Michele Goldberg, isn’t even legitimately the guardian because Muriel was never served, yet Goldberg was judge, jury and executioner without even so much as notice to my client, the medical/durable POA healthcare surrogate, Muriel’s designated guardian, trustee, and agent for disposition of remains. All of those rights were violated by Michele, as she colluded with Donald Mintz and his lawyer, Stacy Kelly of Ostrom Morris. Strangely, the three federal cases I know most about right now involve Jason Ostrom–no coincidence I am certain. But his tactics are predictable–corrupt.


Next, a celebration of the life of Willie Jo Mills, deceased, and a big hoorah to Sherry Johnston, the best darn daughter I’ve ever seen “honor” her mother

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Lastly, a bit about the Firm and our journey to 2018!  Welcome to Schwager Law Firm!  

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