Things that make you go hmm…

Life is always easy to understand. First and foremost, after going through Sherry’s mother’s death and Ruby’s, I was so devastated, the Bar actually felt that lawyers in my cases gave me a dose of legal abuse syndrome. I never imagined I would face a third deliberate homicide with 3x in a row me screaming for the Judge to intervene to no avail. I can’t figure out if there’s just incompetence in the medical field or worse on the part of court personnel, but I have to believe it’s the wicked shark lawyers devouring people, and the other legal professionals just have no clue about the ADA or disabilities or health conditions period.

I was pre-med for 3 years at University of Texas Health Science Center, studying to be a Dr. and studied nutrition to regain my own health for several years afterwards, so there’s probably no disease I am unfamiliar with in terms of research. Research has always been my strong point. Death has been a knife through my chest that has never been something I can adjust to without falling apart or becoming pretty angry. Clients, friends and my father have all commented that I take these losses like I am a family member and the truth is, I love people and I am like a huge empathy sponge sucking in all of the pain to where I feel it too.

Christmas Eve I typed all night as fast as I could to save Muriel’s life as Barbara sat on my couch biting fingernails and helping me reword things. I typed into the morning as my children could not understand why mommy was working Christmas Day too. Right after filing the Injunction, I received the horrific news I swore would never occur again–she’s gone. I burst into tears so hard, you would have thought it was my mother or grandmother. I suppose I had this fierce determination that the cartel was not going to beat me this time. It’s not about ego–it’s about the sweet tiny woman who held my hand and smiled, calling me her guardian angel. She was afraid, I guess. She had reason to be.

I am still scratching my head as to the dismissal of Harris County and think perhaps Texas is to blame. That’s still an option. Appeal is an option. The truth of the matter is that the result is not right but I also believe few judges have the courage to take on the floodgates bursting of victims once they let the first claim in. The ADA defines disability the same way that guardianship does, so in effect, Texas is targeting the same people deemed protected by federal law ADA and 504 to disability discrimination, removal of rights and illegal deprivation of property and/or life.

If the attorneys weren’t so horribly nasty, this job would not be so disgusting. It’s hard to watch anyone bill to get paid to terminate a life. It’s more common than you think. Now we see from point A to death what happens. I’m not sure whether they are selling organs yet, but sources reveal it happens. I pray that God exacts HIS JUSTICE and so I endeavor to pray every day to forgive these people and hand them over to get out of the way. Yes, we have a right to be furious, devastated and want to inflict pain in return, but that’s not our marching orders. Our plans were just obliterated overnight without warning. And we did not get to exhume and confirm what we believe happened-cremation to cover up the toxic overdose liver of morphine that would have been found. The records say it all. pray for justice. That’s the only reason I ever became an attorney to begin with. I love Justice. Maybe because it’s rare like a diamond.

Read and you’ll understand.  1+1 doesn’t equal 2 apparently.

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