Better off dead? Hospice kills and not always compassionately

I read a very frightening article that matched the scenario I just endured in probate court with death number 3, as the Judge denied my Temporary Restraining Order asking him to make the guardian, a trust lawyer from blocking my clients’ access to their mother, including access to records, information and medical providers to ask questions.For the sake of avoiding hurting the feelings or offending the narcissistic pride of the guilty, I will refer to her simply as the KGB. KGB refused to cooperate and the Judge refused to sign my order, allowing her to continue to block my two registered nurse clients, with over 30 years of experience in psychiatric and geriatric medicine and intimate knowledge of their mother’s healthcare needs, to speak to anyone, know their mother’s status other than “her version”, see records, exercise my client’s legitimate authority as medical power of attorney and healthcare surrogate, interfering with the decedent’s chosen trusted agent to make decisions re her life or death. Being deprived of the right to decide what happens to your own body is probably the worst imaginable deprivation possible. KGB not only was incompetent and lacked informed consent to authorize anything, but she interfered with the rightful power of attorney’s ability to make decisions that would have saved her mother’s life, executing documents to facilitate her death, which wasn’t merciful so I cannot call it mercy killing, which is a crime in Texas regardless. It’s also a crime to misrepresent a person’s known wishes via DNR and this woman had a DNR executed to ensure mom wasn’t revived once she died by 72 hour death cocktail.

My client was targeted and harassed with constant APS reports that were nothing but fraud, police well checks when her mother was happy and well cared for in a neat and tidy home per the guardian’s first report. The constant harassment and witch hunt this guardian assaulted her with was too much for any caretaker of an elderly person having to supervise 24 hours a day–could handle. Mom was virtually blind and 93 so she could easily fall and had a few minor falls in the last few years, so my client never left her side and was up at night as well, constantly concerned about mom’s welfare. She didn’t need the harassment and the guardian even admitted she knew nothing about medical care for an elderly person, much less her mother, so she would defer to my client regarding all medical care.

Well, KGB rarely said anything if it wasn’t a lie. She would tell one judge one story and another a different story and I have researched and done my homework to confirm the lies — so many they. are difficult to count. She’s brazen and full of pride, but you know that pride comes before a fall. I have often heard that once a person panics (rats are jumping ship and throwing each other under the bus) the flight or fight takes over from the primordial brainstem, which isn’t an intelligent area from which to make decisions. You lose about 50 IQ points when you go there and these people cannot afford to lose many! But, their tricks and traps were part of a well rehearsed cookie cutter scheme engaged in over and over in their cases to the point where they were predictable.

Nevertheless, few can endure the scorched earth retaliation, threats of arrest under color of state law, illegal seizure of their assets from the bank (retirement funds) as they watch these guardians steal everything their mother owned. My client was forced to drive 3 times per week to this woman’s office so her nefarious brother with designs on the money–could pretend to need to visit mom, when mom was the last concern on his mind. Hospice reports he has mental illness untreated and financial problems and probably guessed before he said a word. When I took this case, a colleague and I both asked ourselves, is this guy a drunk? What is he thinking? I can’t help but to think that his lawyers know too because if I can see it from the documents this guy filed and stupidity of his actions, the lawyers who represent him know he has to be impaired. the question should at least have arisen. A friend across the US said he was obviously ill, so it’s quite apparent that he’s their patsy they are using to get the cash! 

So the domestic terror tactics switched back to the impossible task of requiring my client to prove the nonexistence of a fact, ie, prove you didn’t ever borrow a dime and spend it on some item not on the undisclosed secret list of imaginary things they’ll suddenly use to accuse you of wrongdoing?? You might as well hang it up now because it’s a set up you can’t possibly win. The Gestapo is becoming more brazen, their greed hardly quenched by consuming everything your loved one owns as their blood thirsty envy fixes its eyes on illegally seizing Ifamily trust funds—the number one way by false accusations of trustee wrongdoing never proven to BUST your trust.. the list is endless! So how do you protect yourself and your savings from these predators?? First pray psalm 91 and Proverbs 26:27. He who sets a trap for another shall soon fall into it! A trick or trap might just blow up in their face. 

Probate lawyers are known for “tricks” meant to tie your hands behind your back through seizing your assets so that you cannot fight. Real fair, huh? So their work is necessarily sub par because they know it doesn’t matter what they file or say. Or does it?  The decision has already been made. Strangely, another case I am involved, in the Federal District Court of the Southern District of Texas (Houston), prepared me for what was to come. The overzealous heir was chompin at the bit for mama to die and filed probate 15 minutes too early. You cannot probate the estate of a living person so the case had no jurisdiction from the start. Outrageous is the fact that it’s still being litigated nearly a decade later–because of all of the tricks and traps, I suppose. 

I had what was almost a premonition that they were going to do something equally egregious and true to form, The cookie cutter lawyer filed a trust lawsuit that required Mom be dead before she was dead–or even ill. Oops. Jumped the gun on that one. Then, her attorney ad litem,  began referring to Mom in the pleadings as “deceased” when she was alive and well—concerning me!  If she didn’t suffer a catastrophic accident within 5-6 days of Her warden taking custody of her.  I would not be so convinced in the statistical impossibility of it being a coincidence as opposed to a plan.

Her son was so far removed from the idea mom is still human that he spoke of her life expectancy in terms of actuarial tables which was strange enough, but more so when hospice qualified her based upon their projection that her life expectancy was 6 months of less. It might have been the morphine overdose or the psychotic drug cocktail known to induce coma or death in 72 hours, along with starvation, drops of water only, and black boxed warnings FDA drugs that have been deemed dangerous for over 65 and for which corporations marketing these drugs to assisted living and nursing homes have been penalized criminally by the department of justice by the billions. Medicare fraud is on the rise and I see it with everyone in the food chain having their hand out. But it seemed based on age alone.  As creepy as it is, Medicare pays 100% for hospice and almost nothing for care after 72, so I would advise you to stay well and out of hospitals. Continuous care is the buzz phrase that foots the entire bill for hospice and room and board for those too cheap to pay for the bed mom spends a few nights being terminally sedated to death in. 

Strange things occurred. My clients were banned from seeing their mother or speaking to her for the 4 days prior to her alleged death on Christmas Eve I guess that was a gift so I gave them a gift back in the form of a federal civil rights lawsuit, but was kind enough to warn it would follow to allow them time to reconsider. The funeral was closed casket with no wake, which is strict Jewish tradition which was form over substance and mere ritual for the guardian of a family with affiliation in name only. The hypocrisy of watching a devout religious woman murder a vulnerable elderly widow she was scripture bound to protect was eye opening. Too bad her eyes were not opened. The rush to bury by sunset, the 2 foot hole instead of 6 feet deep, the refusal to allow my client the right to handle the final affairs — all smelled bad but the clincher was when KGB told the judge she had no idea whose body was in the casket, saying “that’s a good question.” She seriously could not confirm mom’s body was the the person actually put in the casket and I think I know why–mom wasn’t buried. Call it intuition or common sense or suspicion based upon the fact that this woman cannot be this stupid and foolish. She actually assured the judge she’d be sure to verify the right person was buried next body! Say what?? 

Now comes for the under the bus experience to the son who made the decision because the guardian pushed him in front of a bus and made him the person to decide death was preferable for mom whose life just wasn’t that great anyway. AHA! But the KGB forgot that but for her interference and illegal actions, my client would have saved her mother’s life and she would not have died a death befitting a dog. I was so offended by the constant preaching about Jewish law by this woman when she failed to acknowledge the lack of dignity involved in that homicide.

She had no idea who identified the body because she and the doting guard dogs hovering over her to conceal their crimes for days on end didn’t let the door hit them in the butt as they abandoned mom to die alone. At least that’s what she told a Federal Judge I smell a rat. She did too. 

Nothing was consistent. Not the medical records from the facilities, hospice or the forensic investigator, who was brought in because this was anything but a natural death. We shall see what law enforcement finds. I suspect if they cremated her, they are toast. Eye for an eye? Tooth for a tooth? Cremation for cremation? Just sayin. In this circumstance, justice would be served if that were the price. I cannot tell you how many times I begged for mercy for my clients, who have become my friends, getting to the point of making stern threats which were not heeded either. I remember saying on the record, “this better not turn out like Willie Jo Mills,” which was missing from the transcript.  That’s when I learned the secret hand signals I was not privy to which alert you when no record is being made! 

There’s much more to the story and you’ll know as it unfolds. I love surprises and so I am saving the best for last for the Defendants. I am waiting to see who throws whom under the proverbial hospice bus?  Hospice is not at all what it seems–not if you are a ward of the State in guardianship or even targeted for guardianship and unable to defend yourself against the County illegally seizing you and putting you to death without a trial, guilt, a crime, or even evidence. I have watched three mothers die in hospice, none of whom wanted to die. Barbara’s mom was begging for food, water, Barbara and to leave. But the guard dogs, her son and his daughter, sought the police to hold her hostage and ensure she died. 

The records are horrific so I will save you the experience of knowing what she went through but I cried as I read them. I burst into tears on Christmas Day when The heartless woman sent us an email to advise us that their mother was dead. Can you imagine? By email? Cold as ice. We went to the funeral the 27th and a witness swears there was no body in that casket. I suppose it will be revealed. I am writing to warn you to stay out of hospice because it’s for profit and has nothing to do with dignity palliative care, or helping families grieve. Hospice was abusive and banned my clients from seeing their mother by threats of arrest and apparently before they ever visited, they were on The wicked ones banned list. So was I. The following is a brief summary of an insider’s perspective of hospice. Given the government is indicting hospice providers by the handful for Medicare fraud, why would anyone doubt it?

  1. They push you into hospice. I believe people are rushed into hospice care, especially those with no property or assets to steal but maybe just organs to sale! Once one primary physician or on-staff medical director (moonlighting as the hospice director, a conflict of interest) says treatment options are limited, they start pushing to have you placed in hospice care. Once you are in hospice care your insurance will NOT cover treatments or physical/occupational therapy. They call it palliative care but in essence, it’s Kevorkian on steroids. You get a cocktail of morphine, Ativan, Xanax, Haldol, and anti-psychotics known to stop the heart in the elderly (higher risk if they have dementia or heart disease). In other words, once you go into hospice you are not going to be getting better. You’re going to die unless by some miracle you manage to teach yourself to eat, walk and talk again drugged, starved and dehydrated to create the conditions of death to qualify you for hospice by fraud.  The government Decided if over 72, you’re better off dead.
  2. Morphine kills people faster.  72 hours is all it takes! I’ve seen how fast people go downhill once they’re given morphine for pain they never even had! They rapidly become less responsive, more detached, disinterested in others, confused, stop eating completely, and organ & respiratory failure seem to follow shortly after. Many of these are normal symptoms of encroaching death, but I have witnessed half a dozen times just how much faster these symptoms appear once narcotics are administered. Since morphine is a CNS depressant known to inhibit respiration, and cause nausea, it makes sense that a person with CHF not being medicated to hasten their death could have depressed breathing, vomit, aspirate, or all of the above. Food water and the absence of fatal drugs meant to kill you goes a long way.
  3. In many cases, hospice is involuntary and the level of fraud in the United States hospice suggests that people are being killed in hospice who may not be terminal. If you read the Bloomberg Hospice Article, you will vomit too. I believe some hospice organizations make money by pressuring these people into committing their loved ones to hospice early, forgoing treatments AND rehabilitative therapies that could extend their lives and enjoyment of their last days. The sick person may be in a state of confusion and fear and unable to make good decisions about their own care.  The families are grief stricken and not able to make good decisions, so they are very suggestible. But my clients never would have let this happen, so we were banned. 

We might not all live to be old, but nearly all of us will one day be dying in a hospital bed somewhere. How would it feel as you are lying there in pain and fear to know your death is being hastened in order to save insurers and/or your younger family members a bit of expense?  Better off dead? Honor thy Mother and Father, that you may have long life. We have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Our system is no better than Nazi Germany. It is a holocaust. Kickbacks galore. I do believe that those who set a “trap” for another will fall into it soon and everything done in the darkness will be brought into the light, everything hidden will be made known. I believe it’s time for judgment and I pray for it.  For the sake of Ruby Peterson, Willie Jo Mills, and Muriel Mintz, all of whom I have watched die horrible deaths in guardianship. Guardianship kills, just like hospice.  It’s all part of the same scheme to rob the elderly and steal everything they own by the legalized mafia.

Due to the length of this post, I am including an eerily similar story from a woman who had to watch her mother die in the same barbaric hospice way. Some think Hospice is great. My experience is akin to the grim reaper or x-files. Read the phase chart below of when morphine goes right vs when it goes wrong and tell me that you don’t suffer?  This is Dr. Kevorkian, just more subtle.

The audacity of the KGB. Now that she has been found out, she wants to silence me and try to violate my constitutional rights as well. So, for now she’ll be the KGB or Gestapo like the rest of them. I wouldn’t want to taint a jury pool of over 4 million all of whom have to read this blog!! you know it!!