Parental Alienation Destroys children in family court: “The pedophile within all of us??”


Richard Gardner was a disgraced so called psychiatrist who propagated the unscientific lunatic fringe theory of parental alienation syndrome that isolates children with their abusers and away from the only parent that would protect them. Gardner committed suicide and neither the AMA or APA ever found his bullshit anything more than junk science. It’s flooded the family courts in Harris County and it’s the easiest way to steal a trial because you essentially call the mom crazy when she reports a pedophile dad for sexual abuse or any abuse. The result is mom is banned from the children and told she’s crazy and dad gets full custody, sole custody while mom is treated like a criminal. Thanks to father’s rights, the pedophiles have come to a family court near you. It’s the sickest most vile thing I’ve ever seen, but go to battle with a psychopath and see how bloody the battle is. Despite all reason, you will lose. We have to save our children from a Godless Nation of criminals with bar cards.

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