Whisteblower Protection & Rewards Program

I don’t know that I ever sat out to earn this dubious distinction as a lawyer, but I do know that I have a very rigid sense of right and wrong and have never operated in the gray area. It fills me with righteous indignation to see the reprobate disgusting acts of the probate bar with respect to treating human beings like chattel or movable property or an investment upon which family members are considered trespassers,

Not that I was given the job to run the world but if not you, then who? Are we all so apathetic that we don’t care about our fellow mankind? Widows? Elderly ? disabled children? For if so, we are lost beyond comprehension and in the last days when God separates the wheat from the chaff/tares and the tares and thrown into the fire because they are considered worthless. You know how the harvest reveals the difference between the two? Wheat bows its head when it’s ready to harvest and tares do not much like these imposter Christian and Jewish lawyers who go to church and put on the right clothes and act the part, but are ravaging wolves on to the next kill as soon as the service ends.

I will let you know that when you begin this “fun” journey, you take a lot of hits and bruises but by the time you have lasted through getting bullied and pushed around until it just doesn’t affect you the way it used to, You are home free. I have endured scorched earth retaliation and concluded that the individuals involved in it were nothing short of criminals. Whether they had been convicted or not seems immaterial if you can hardly tell the difference. They are full of lies and greed and would sell their children and parents to make a buck.

How true is this comment and I get so nauseated to hear these cowards say they cannot get involved or “have to work” in this town because I decided long ago that I have enough talent to work anywhere I want in any area of law I decide. I worked in toxic tort and personal injury, represented fortune 100 petrochemical corporations and worked with general counsels and did all of the thinking and drafting for Texas Superlawyers as a ghost. I actually prefer it that way because you can pop on the scene and nobody has a clue what they are in for.

That brings me to the federal whistleblower protection program. If you blow the whistle on medicare, medicaid or IRS fraud you qualify and I highly recommend you take advantage of it because you never know when you will need it. But the rewards for having integrity and being honest above reproach in a world that is a veritable sewage of crooked attorneys–are great. Imaging getting 30% of $100 million or 15% which is what Qui Tam plaintiffs get for initiating cases in which government fraud on the system is exposed by a brave whistleblower whose ethics cannot be compromised. I remember a judge once called me a bomb thrower and said I like “to throw gasoline on fires and watch them burn” and I don’t know if that’s entirely true.

But I do not tolerate bullying retaliation or outright lies. I believe in fighting back. I believe in the first amendment and it’s time we used it before it disappears. Read this informative brochure and join the growing list of Americans with backbones. It’s not as scary as it seems once you realize those with reprobate minds are not intelligent anymore.

1840_False Claims Act _ Whistleblower Representation _200 percent_ 12.26.17